I’m Natalie, a sommelier with a crazy love for wine. My passion and eagerness drive me to explore the wine world and learn as much as I can about this alluring and enticing libation. Before becoming a student of wine I had worked in the salon industry for many years. I also currently host & manage an Airbnb in Harrisburg, PA. 

My professional wine studies include certification in the WSET2 program through Napa Valley Wine Academy in Napa Valley, CA. While visiting,  I was fortunate to explore the gorgeous wine country and taste some truly fantastic wines from dedicated and passionate winemakers – there was plenty of amazing food to go along with it, too. This endeavor, along with my never-ending passion prompted me to create wine and food pairings as a focus of Operation Grapevine. It’s been years in the making that has finally come to fruition.

Most importantly, the best (& most fun) way to learn about wine is to taste & drink it! When paired alongside foods that complement its nuances, you are adding a whole new level to your wine experience. Just about any food can have a wine partner even our everyday go-to dishes like burgers and pizza.

Not every pairing needs to be oysters and champagne and that’s where it gets really interesting and fun, finding and presenting wine match-ups that won’t break your budget.


Our focus is to create the best wine and food matchups for any event, occasion or holiday.

Whether an intimate gathering or a grand affair.

Either for a personal or professional reception.

There is always an appropriate pairing that can be imagined for your festivity.

Join us to elevate your tasting experience!!